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Cessna T310 exhaust system, Turbo 310P, 310Q, 310R exhaust (RH engine)

You have selected Cessna exhaust system # 203. If it looks like yours, great! If not, no problem; we are familiar with mods and supercedures. If you have a question or would like to place an order, call 1-800-478-2257.

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AD 2000-01-16
SAIB CE-00-16

Cessna used four different exhaust connect schemes over the years - clamped flanges, welded bellows, packed seals, and sealless slip joints. Connect-flange patterns range from 3-bolt to 5-bolt to universal. They also used two materials - stainless steel and Inconel 601. If you have a question about exhaust compatibility, just call us. Cessna addressed these issues in multi-engine service letter ME79-32.

RH exhaust stack asm LH exhaust stack asm Slipjoints (transitions) RH Wye RH inboard aft elbow
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